About Us

Holistic Alternatives, Inc. was founded in January 1996 as a source of heavily discounted quality nutritional supplements. But our roots are deeply imbedded in the evolution of natural remedies and therapies and their ever- growing acceptance that began in the early 1970's.

The forerunner of Holistic Alternatives was a company called A.O. Supply Company which was founded in 1973 by a pharmacist named Steve Michaelis. A.O. Supply Company was formed to supply vitamins, enzymes, and other nutrients to patients who had them prescribed to them by physicians taking a natural approach to cancer therapy. The most controversial of these nutrients was called amygdalin which is better known as Vitamin B-17 or Laetrile. This natural therapy was primarily responsible for starting the revolution in health care that has led to the wide spread awareness of natural substances and therapies over the past few decades. When Steve Michaelis passed away in 1994, his son Ken who had been managing the company since 1978 was eventually pushed out of the company in early 1996. Ken then founded Holistic Alternatives, Inc, and expanded the focus to providing a wide variety of quality nutritional supplements and promoting the idea of therapeutically applied nutrition for all, not just those utilizing a natural alternative cancer therapy. Within 2 years of Ken’s departure, A.O. Supply Company was defunct.

Unlike A.O. Supply Company, Holistic Alternatives, Inc is dedicated to not only promoting and referring people to physicians practicing natural therapies, but is also dedicated to providing quality nutritional supplements at a substantial discount. This was achieved by founding an affiliate company called Rain Rock Nutritionals which is primarily responsible for researching and developing customized nutritional supplement formulas for use by the public. Holistic Alternatives supplies these nutrients , formulas, and other sourced quality supplements at substantial discounts that you most likely won’t find anywhere else. Supplements with the Holistic Alternatives or Rain Rock Nutritionals name are formulated after extensive research into the nutrients, their functions, and the purpose of the specific supplement. Once formulated, our nutritional supplement formulas are manufactured in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) lab that must pass all Food and Drug Administration (FDA) inspections. In addition, a GMP lab must meet all criteria of cleanliness, purity, and quality, that is required by the FDA. Our nutritional supplement formulas are often copied by other companies recognizing the superior formulation of our nutritional supplements.

We remain dedicated to formulating and supplying quality nutritional supplements with an emphasis on our enzyme formula. When new discoveries are made in the world of nutrition, we update our formulas and incorporate any new discoveries that may make our nutritional supplements even better. We also remain dedicated to helping individuals find healers who are dedicated to their patients, who can provide answers where others have failed, and who are passionate and dedicated to natural approaches to disease, but will use drugs and other orthodox approaches when necessary.

If you are looking for a licensed physician (MD or DO) who practices nutritional medicine, go to this web site: www.acam.org and do a doctor search. Or give us a call at 740-745-1122 and we will try to help you find a physician or help you navigate the web site.